Skywatch Friday 465

Vorige week werden we aan het eind van een bewolkte dag verrast met een mooie, kleurige zonsondergang …

Last week we were surprised at the end of a cloudy day with a beautiful, colorful sunset

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Skywatch Friday

Prettig weekend!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

34 gedachten over “Skywatch Friday 465

  1. Sorry,a little late. S-t-u-n-n-i-n-g sunset! As far as I can remember haven’t seen a sunset like this in the Netherlands. In combination with the dark and mysterious landscape it’s a very unusual view! Am happy to read that this gave you a good night rest:):)
    Saw your post about the kemphaan – have to go and look how this bird is called in English.

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    • You are never too late, Junieper. Because our house is surrounded by a lot of others houses normally I can’t see a lot of the sunset. When the children go on vacation, we look after their dog and house. That house is on the edge of the city with a beautiful panoramic view. You will therefore understand that we do not consider it a punishment to take care of that once in a while.

      As far as the bird is concerned, I think that is a ruff in English.


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